Introducing Earthbound Organic’s - Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth!

January 24, 2018

Introducing Earthbound Organic’s - Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth!

Ethically Organic are very excited this week  to launch a new range of skincare products on our website - Earthbound Organics.

Earthbound Organics are based in Wales and they make a variety of organic and cruelty free skincare products. Earthbound Organics share the same beliefs and principles as we do at Ethically Organic, that Organic skincare is is extremely important and that we believe that what we put on our skin should be pure and natural. A lot of love, time and patience has gone into the production of the products to ensure that the ingredients are pure, natural and some of the ingredients are sourced locally in Wales. 

The products don’t have any chemical preservatives such as parabens and all of the ingredients can be found in any kitchen/herb garden. The natural ingredients feed and nurture  the skin leaving it glowing with health and vitality.

Brad and Sallyanne have tested all the products that we are selling (and are now using as part of our skin care regimes) and are both confident that you will also be amazed at the results and quality of the products.

All the products are very affordable, our aim is that have something for everyone, not only price wise but products that suit your individual needs. 

A little bit about the new products;

Jojoba and Vitamin E cream

A gentle moisturiser that revitalises, dry and sensitive skin. 

Nutritive Cream

This is a nutritional facial cream, which also helps protect the skin in all weather conditions. It can also be used as a night cream working on tired and dry skin.

Rejuvenating Cream

This is an excellent cream for dry and mature skins.

 Avocado Night Cream

Advocado is an old and natural skin nutrient, rich in lecithin and vitamins A,B and D. Beneficial on dry skin and wrinkles.

Eye Cream, Repair & Rejuvenate 

A beautiful gentle, light eye cream that has 100% active ingredients to reduce puffiness, redness and dark circles.

Mummy’s Tummy Oil

A nourishing rich oil for mummy’s tummy. To help feed skin as it stretches and the baby grows.

Baby’s Massage Oil

A special oil that is gentle, soothing, calming and healing.

Baby's Cream

A wonderful cream that can be used for nappy rash, small cuts, grazes and wind chapped faces.

Ethically Organic will be uploading videos in the coming weeks using the products and sharing the results. 






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