Why is Organic better for us? Ethically Organic gives you the lowdown!

March 20, 2018

Why is Organic better for us? Ethically Organic gives you the lowdown!

There is so much in the media , constantly telling us this and that is bad for us, it can be hard to know what’s actually harmful for our bodies and wellbeing. 

Some of the most toxic foods we are recommended to avoid are:

* Palm oil

* High fructose corn syrup

* Artificial sweeteners 

* Shortening (hydrogenated oils, trans fats) synthetic trans fats have been linked to cancer - they interfere with enzymes your body uses to fight cancer.

* MSG flsvour enhancer 

Any food that has been canned or had any chemicals added to it is classed as a processed food.

What are the health risks of processed foods?

* Excessive amount of sodium has been linked to high blood pressure, heart attack’s and strokes. Some trans fats are associated with a higher risk of developing clogged arteries. 


So why are Organic foods better for us?

Organic foods are not covered in pesticides and fertilisers which are used to boost production and provide resistance to bugs and weeds. 

* No GMO’s

* Organic farming maintains healthy soil

 * More nutritious 

* Keeps harmful pesticides and herbicides out of the ocean 

* Organic food is often fresher because it doesn’t contain preservatives that make it last longer.

* Organically raised animals are not given antibiotics, growth hormones or fed animal byproducts.

* Organic meat and milk are richer in certain nutrients.


Fruit and vegetables that we are recommended to buy organic:

* Apples

* Peppers

* Cucumbers 

* Celery

* Potatoes

* Grapes

* Cherry tomatoes 

* Kale

* Peaches

* Spinach 

* Strawberries 

For the past year I have only been eating organic produce, and from personal experience I not only look healthier, I feel better, my skin and hair is glowing, and some would say a big contribution to these factors are my diet. We at Ethically Organic are passionate about organic skincare, because what we put on our skin gets adsorbed into our bodies like food, its important to know what's in your skincare products, check the labels, don't be fooled by the exterior, or the fancy packaging. Knowledge is power!

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