Earthbound Organics Unisex Luxe Baby Gift set

This organic unisex baby gift set contains some of the best selling products from the Earthbound Organics range.

Earthbound Organics believes that organic skin care is extremely important and that what we put on our skin is pure and natural since it will be absorbed into our bodies. Thus it is the high quality and purity of their ingredients that are the most important part of their production.

Earthbound Organics don't add in any chemical preservatives such as any of the parabens. All their ingredients are listed and will be recognised as ingredients found in any kitchen and herb garden. It is this and the simplicity of Earthbound Organics recipes that feed and nurture the skin leaving it glowing with health and vitality.

The gift set includes;

Baby Cream 50ml

Used regularly by the owner of Earthbound Organics on her own children, this is a wonderful all round baby cream, excellent for nappy rash, small cuts, grazes and wind chapped faces etc. It is also good for sensitive skins.

Ingredients; Sunflower oil *, Chamomile *, Calendula *, Rosewater *, Carrot oil *, beeswax, Lavender oil. * = organic ingredients

Baby Soap 75g

A bubbly soap bar for babies containing Calendula petals for all soft and sensitive skin; a gentle cleansing soap which soothes and moisturises.

Doesn't contain Palm Oil 

Ingredients; Coconut oil * (saponified), Calendula oil * (saponified), Chamomile oil *(saponified),Carrot oil * (saponified), Spring Water, Lavender essential Oil, Benzoin, Vitamin E. * = organic ingredients.

Baby Massage Oil 100ml

A special oil which the owner of Earthbound Organics first made for my own children; gentle, soothing, calming and healing. If used straight after their bath in a warm room, they soon relax and fall asleep.

Ingredients: Calendula oil * (calendula macerated in organic cold pressed sunflower oil) & chamomile oil * (chamomile macerated in organic cold pressed sunflower oil) (keeping it simple) Lavender essential oil * = organic ingredients

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